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Use Attractive Energy-Efficient Business Roofing

Did you know that your building’s roof should help your business conserve energy? In many parts of the United States, entrepreneurs enhance their company financially by taming energy losses caused by inefficient roofing systems.

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Benefits of a “Cool Roof”

The federal government reports that in some locations, scorching summer temperatures exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit on roofs that do not reflect sunlight efficiently. By contrast, the surface of a “cool” roof will generally remain some 50 degrees lower under the exact same environmental conditions.

Just as highly reflective white clothing makes someone feel more comfortable during hot, sunny weather than dark, heavy light-absorbing clothing, the surface of a roof will typically impact the room temperatures indoors. A commercial business may need to expend more money on cooling the premises if the building’s roof soaks up heat from the sun’s rays.

Financial Advantages

Why should a business take steps to obtain a cooler roof? Several financial benefits typically flow from obtaining a “cool” roof. These include:

  • Lower summertime air conditioning bills;
  • An extended roof lifespan;
  • More comfortable conditions in areas of the building without air conditioning;
  • Greater public goodwill generated by using energy conservation practices to assist the environment.

One negative aspect does accompany a more energy-efficient roof, however. Mold and algal growth flourish better in cooler environments. Thus businesses with reflective roofs located in some regions where algae or mold cause problems may need to monitor for these pests and sanitize the roof more frequently.

However, the Department of Energy suggests that overall, businesses that switch to “cool” roofs tend to benefit financially. Today an array of very attractive options allow these enterprises to enjoy aesthetically appealing roof surfaces, too. Attractive, energy-efficient roofing offers a great alternative to higher-than-necessary air conditioning bills.

Acquiring a “Cool” Roof

Businesses can usually obtain a highly reflective cool roof in one of two ways: either install a brand new, energy-saving roofing system or refurbish an existing roof to make it cool. Often the first course of action proves less expensive. This determination varies on a case by case basis, depending upon individual circumstances.

The Department of Energy offers detailed instructions informing businesses how to transform a poorly reflective roofing surface into a “cool” one. In the case of metal surfaces, this process sometimes proves as simple as applying an external covering of a specially formulated, highly reflective white coating. Even asphalt and concrete roofs can become “cool” and more energy-efficient, resulting in utility bill savings.

Rebates And Financial Incentives

Some special programs exist offering rebates and financial incentives to assist business owners in converting to more energy-efficient “cool” roofs. For instance, in Florida, Duke Energy provides rebate assistance for both new construction and refurbished roofs. Businesses should complete a business energy screen first in order to determine whether a firm qualifies for this “building envelope” assistance.


Today obtaining a cool, energy efficient roof lies within the reach of most businesses. Take advantage of these tools.