Published by Kevin on May 3, 2018

Seven Steps to Check Off Before Moving to the Big City

So you are ready to move to the Big City! You’ve made a list and have been checking it two, three times, but you still need to make sure you do the following seven things before you head off to your new adventure. Here’s how to move to a new city. #1 Check Out Your…

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Published by Kevin on April 6, 2018

Key Benefits of Using Time and Attendance Tracking Software

As more companies look for easier ways to increase their revenue, they often look externally rather than internally. A recent survey of small businesses found that a mere 20% of small businesses actually spend money on tools to increase employee productivity, which means that many companies may suffer from an incompetent workforce and don’t even…

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Published by Kevin on February 26, 2018

How Cloud Computing Is Changing IT Business Communication

Traditionally, businesses have been relying on costly & complicated software and hardware to run their operation, often requiring a whole separate department (IT department) to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update them. These business application that are suppose to improve data storage and security, sharing information, and communication, does not always prove to be efficient and worth…

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Published by Kevin on August 21, 2017

Information About Industrial and Commercial Lighting for Business

Outdoor and warehouse commercial and industrial lighting should be durable, efficient, and long-lasting. While commercial lighting’s purpose is often more utilitarian than aesthetic, it’s important to select the type of bulb that is appropriate for the designated application. Even with commercial warehousing lighting applications, it’s typically necessary for handlers and receivers to inspect the products…

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Published by Kevin on May 23, 2017

3 Ways to Evaluate Your Chicago IT Support Professional

Using in-house solutions to your technological needs is the most economic solution, but it may be necessary to hire an IT services professional for more specialized needs. Hiring such contractors is useful if installing new hardware or software from vendors your company is unfamiliar with. Just like any other job role, hiring an IT consultant…

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Published by admin on December 7, 2016

How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

Normally, when you wash your clothes, they are placed in a washing machine where the water is then used as a solvent to make sure that your clothes are cleaned. However, there are some clothes that should not be exposed to water and that should instead be cleaned using a petroleum solvent in a process…

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Published by Kevin on June 2, 2016

How Businesses Can Send Money to the Philippines

Sometimes business owners have multiple locations, and sometimes they own businesses in different countries. An owner might have a location in the United States, but run a production warehouse or second location in another country like the Philippines because it is cheap to run. And having multiple business bank accounts can be difficult to maintain. Transferring…

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Published by Kevin on September 22, 2015

Enterprise Zones Provide Many Benefits For Warehouses

A goal of local leaders around the United States is to attract new corporate residents. Many have decided the best way to accomplish this is to provide warehouse leasing space at cost-effective pricing. Corporations will experience tax benefits, lowered overhead costs as well as storage services that can be offered to clients at competitive pricing….

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Published by Kevin on July 1, 2015

How Gift Cards Can Improve Businesses

Most corporate-owned stores and chain restaurants carry gift cards for customers, and the emphasis on selling them is enormous because of their overwhelming popularity. In fact, 80% of the top 100 retail businesses in the US claim that gift cards are their top selling item. Because of their ability to generate sales, the number of…

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