Published by Kevin on September 22, 2015

Enterprise Zones Provide Many Benefits For Warehouses

A goal of local leaders around the United States is to attract new corporate residents. Many have decided the best way to accomplish this is to provide warehouse leasing space at cost-effective pricing.

Corporations will experience tax benefits, lowered overhead costs as well as storage services that can be offered to clients at competitive pricing.

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Enterprise Zones

Storage services are very successful in enterprise zones. Some places around the country also refer to them as empowerment zones.

They were created in the United States during the 1980s. Community leaders wanted to find a way to utilize unused industrial space. They communicated this desire to lawmakers.

The leaders wanted to be able to provide tax breaks to companies willing to make long-term commitments to use the underutilized industrial space in their communities. When a number of sales and corporate taxes are eliminated tenants and building owners are more competitive.

These companies will have lower operating and overhead expenses.


Lawmakers realized the benefits provided by having enterprise zones. They understood it could increase the value of a community’s commercial real estate. It would also increase the number of local jobs and create a decrease in crime for these communities.

Many locations around the country have succeeded by being able to provide warehouse tax breaks. Especially when these structures are near major rail facilities, airports, and highways.

Enterprise zones have been successful with old mills and factories that are able to be turned into public shipping and warehousing structures.

Warehousing companies are discovering when they move from urban neighborhoods to the enterprise zones that provide tax advantages they can experience significant savings in their operating costs.

Warehouse Selection and Shipping

The number of businesses that utilize third-party storage companies—especially companies that use warehouses in Chicago—is increasing. Many businesses are seeing the benefits of using a storage service company instead of operating their own facility. Many businesses are also getting an instant freight quote online to save time when shipping from their warehouses.

In many cases, specialists in warehousing are able to start operating in an enterprise zone and immediately begin realizing all the cost saving. Businesses can cross-referencing product deliveries in areas with locations in public enterprise zones.

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The owners of these companies can easily discover if a warehousing vendor is receiving special tax incentives. This knowledge can be beneficial when companies discuss pricing with warehouse vendors.

Opening New Warehouse Facility

Many vendors who locate to warehouses in enterprise zones have experienced many different benefits. Business leaders should consider encouraging warehouse providers to think about getting a new facility in an enterprise zone so they can also experience the many benefits.

When a company makes a long-term commitment to an enterprise zone, it will create a positive impact on their public relations as well as branding efforts.

Businesses with operations in enterprise zones benefit from community partnerships and increased visibility that customers appreciate.

Soliciting Bids

If a vendor is not willing to seek out the benefits associated with operating in an enterprise zone, a company may consider soliciting bids from competitors who do see the benefits.

Using a new storage service appears to be a difficult and expensive task. The costs associated with this can be spread out over a number of weeks and quarters.

Products can continue to be shipped from a previous warehouse as new inventory is placed into a new warehouse location.

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