Published by Kevin on May 3, 2018

Seven Steps to Check Off Before Moving to the Big City

So you are ready to move to the Big City! You’ve made a list and have been checking it two, three times, but you still need to make sure you do the following seven things before you head off to your new adventure. Here’s how to move to a new city.

#1 Check Out Your New Living Costs

It is important to know how much things cost in the city you are moving to. If you are used to paying four dollars for a gallon of milk in your little country town and you are about to pay double that in the big city, it’s important to be prepared for that.

You’ll want to check out the costs of healthcare, food, rent, transportation, clothes and anything else you’ll be spending money on so that you can create a budget for yourself before you leave.


If you are headed for a new job, make sure your new salary will hold up in the city you are moving to. If you don’t have a job, make sure you have enough savings to live on for at LEAST three months while you job search.

#2 Check Out Job Opportunities

It’s important to have your foot in the door when it comes to job opportunities BEFORE you actually get to the city.

Apply for jobs before you move. Research the major industries of the city to find out what is abundant and what isn’t.

Make sure your resume is updated and you are prepared with all the tools you need to go on interviews, such as the right clothes for the work you are seeking.

If you have already found a job, research the company beforehand. They may even offer relocation benefits that could help with your moving costs! Plus, it doesn’t hurt a bit to learn more about your job expectations and the corporate culture you will be dealing with.

#3 Start Making Connections Now

Find friends, former alumni, and even distant family in the city you are moving to before you get there.

Use these people to make social or professional connections to help make the transition to the city an easier step. It’s OK to ask old friends and family out for a cup of coffee or a light lunch to reconnect!

#4 Learn the City and What it Has to Offer

You want to find a place in the city that offers what you want.

Learn about the area you are moving into before you secure a place, such as whether certain places are more dangerous than others, what kind of transportation is offered (especially if you do not drive), what the nightlife is like, options for childcare if you have young ones, and where there are stores and shops for all of your needs.

Check out websites such as Crime Reports, Yelp, and City Data before you make a final decision on your move.

#5 Clean House Before You Leave

Of course, you will be cleaning your home before you leave, but really clean house and get rid of all unnecessary possessions before you move.

Donate your old items to charity, sell them online, or hold a garage sale. There is symbolism to this move, too- you’re getting rid of the old and making room for the new!

But, more importantly, you won’t have to move as much stuff when you do go.

#6 Focus on Your New Goals

Focus on the reasons you are making the change to the big city. Make a physical list of all professional and personal goals before you take off to your new life. You don’t want them to get lost in the shuffle.

#7 Say Goodbye to Friends and Family

You want to leave your old city on the best of terms. It’s perfectly OK to throw a party or hold a small get-together for yourself in order to say goodbye to the people in your life.

You’ll get the closure you need and you may even uncover new opportunities and connections in your new life.


  1. Heddy
    May 3, 2018 - 6:43 pm

    It can be hard to say goodbye to friends and family when planning a big move.

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